Food Trends

Interstitium – a Newly Discovered Organ?

Researchers recently launched the idea the the interstitium, once believed to be dense collagen, are actually fluid-filled tunnels within the collagen and found in connective tissue.

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Nutrition Prescriptions Should Also Include Exercise Recommendati...

It is important to assess physical activity, and in patients who are not meeting the minimum weekly goal, include a specific recommendation as part of a patient’s nutrition plan or prescription.

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How Diet, Supplements, and Adaptogenic Herbs Can Help You De-Stre...

Supporting the body with a balanced diet, vitamins, and nutraceutical and herbal supplements can help most people better adapt to stressors and minimize the effects of stress on health

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Food Trends

Moo-ve Over Meat

No doubt by now, you have read about the Impossible Burger, a plant based GMO brainchild. This sandwich is vegan and made in a lab to mimic the meatiness and blood one gets from the real deal. 

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Alcohol and Breast Cancer: What to Tell Your Patients

One risk factor that researchers have established, with some debate, is that drinking alcohol increases a woman’s risk for breast cancer. Ideally, no alcohol is best, but... | Read More

Food Trends


Pandan leaves are bright green leaves that are long and slender and famous in Southeast Asia for their fragrant, floral, sweet aroma and flavor. 


Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplements: Beneficial, Harmful or Waste of Money?

Although research supports various health benefits from eating fish several times each week, the latest findings on omega-3 fish oil supplements are mixed. Should RDs be... | Read More