Food Packaging Worksheet: Nutrient Claims, Nutrition Facts, and Ingredients

This worksheet can help you learn how to read food packaging.  What you will need: This worksheet A food package that includes nutrient claims, nutrition facts, and a list of ingredients A handout that includes criteria for specific nutrient claims (ie, low sugar, reduced...

For Clients with Eating Disorders: Event Planning Worksheet

What are the details of the event you plan on attending? Type of event:__________________________________________________________ Date: __________ Time: __________ Location: ______________________ Will you have support in attendance? If so, who? If you will not have a...

Goal Plan for Employees

Employee: ___________________________ Supervisor: _____________________________ Development date: ____________________ End Goal Steps to Take to Reach Goal Target Date for Each Step Final Observed Outcome Supervisor Notes   1A: 1B: 1C:

Goals: Tips and Worksheet for Creating Professional Goals

To determine what professional goals are the best fit for you, try asking yourself the following questions: What are my top three professional weaknesses? Is assistance available to help me develop these weaknesses into strengths?                   #1 Weakness:...

Exercise Hydration Worksheet

I need about ___  ounces (oz) of fluid each day. To calculate range: Weight in pounds × 0.5 =___ oz/day  to weight in pounds × 1.0 =___ oz/day Best fluid choices 

Goals for Health: Decisional Balance Worksheet

Are you thinking of making a healthy change? Are you considering adopting a healthier eating plan, losing the extra weight you recently gained, or even quitting smoking? Think about the changes you would like to make!

Resolution Worksheet

Resolution: To                 (specific goal)               by            (deadline)              because                               (reasons)                           .     Small steps to achieve resolution: 1.          (specific action)                 completed by...

MDS Worksheet

  Admission and Annual Assessments (5) and (A)   ARD   Room # and Name   Diet   Ht   Wt