Organizational Tips: How to Make Things Easier for Yourself

These helpful tips for sorting and responding to mail, filing, organizing you contacts, and keeping your financial records in order can help you stay more organized, reduce the clutter, and eliminate some of the stress in your life. Mail

Personal Growth: Feeling Stuck? Expand Your Horizons

Do you sometimes feel stuck? Do you want to do more with your life, but do not know where to start? Do you feel disappointed at work or with your personal life? Sometimes it takes a little effort to evaluate where you are and how to make changes in your life. These...

Time Management: Finding the 25th Hour

We all have those days. We are surprised to find that it is already 5 pm, and on the way home from work, we try to figure out where all of the time went. Or, it is 10 pm on Sunday, and we are suddenly filled with regret that we did not get enough done or enjoy ourselves...

Disagreements: A New Approach

The first rule of “fighting fair” is a simple one—do not fight. Fighting implies that one person is going to win. The first person puts an idea onto the table, the other person attacks it, then the first person defends his or her position, and then the other person attacks...

Raises: Tips for Negotiating an Increase in Salary

Prepare for the meeting Schedule the meeting like any other. It is OK to write a letter asking for a raise, but deliver it in person and at that time ask for a meeting to discuss the letter. Get ready for the meeting and make sure you: