Presentation Evaluation Rubric

This rubric is useful if you are providing feedback on a student’s or intern’s presentation skills. Student’s name: ________________________________________________________________ Title of presentation: _____________________________________________________________ Date:...

Restaurants: Rating Their Nutritional Efforts

Note to presenter: This is a fun learning experience for students or participants in a community class. Criteria Score 1=not at all or poor 5=room for improvement 10=excellent Notes Are certain dishes highlighted as “healthy” options?    

Privacy Consent

We require your consent to use and disclose your protected health information to carry out treatment, payment, and health care operations. If you would like a more detailed description of such uses and disclosures, please refer to the Notice of Privacy Practices.  

Wound Photography Considerations

Before allowing patient photography, healthcare providers should consider why it is being done and how the images will be used.  Some questions to consider include:

Audit for Employee File—Dietary

Audit for Employee File—Dietary Employee: _________________________________________ Date of hire: _________________________________________ Date of audit: _________________________________________ Audit completed by: _________________________________________ Paperwork...

Employee Evaluation: Professional Attributes

Employee name: ____________________________________ Date:  ____________________________________

Employee Log Sheet

Employee Log Employee name:__________________________________ Month and year:__________________________________   Dates absent from work (include reported reason):   Dates tardy to work (include reported reason):   Disciplinary action taken (list specifics):   Constructive...

Weekly Weight Tracking Record

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