Diabetes: Reduce the Risk of Cognitive Decline Infographic

Individuals with type 2 diabetes are at increased risk for numerous microvascular and macrovascular diseases.

Soup: Packing It With Good Nutrition Infographic

Soup is one of the easiest foods for most cooks to prepare.

Soy and Prevention of Heart Disease Infographic

Claims that soy foods can prevent heart disease have been examined for decades.

Snack Time: Keeping It Safe for Toddlers Infographic

When toddlers first learn to feed themselves and experiment with different foods, parents often have questions about the best choices.

Tips for Teaching Children to Eat Mindfully Infographic

Children can also benefit from practicing mindfulness, and meal times are an opportune time to teach your children some ways to be "in the moment." 

Tips to Create a More Sustainable Kitchen/Cafeteria Infographic

Foodservice operations offer numerous opportunities to reduce food, energy, and environmental waste.

Vitamin C and Zinc for Healing Pressure Injuries

Both vitamin C and zinc play a number of essential roles in the body.