Preventing Cross-Contamination in Your Kitchen

Cross contamination is the transfer of microorganisms that are naturally found in food from one food to another.

FDA Recalls Salmonella-Contaminated Food Products

Because Triangle Pharmanaturals did not conduct a voluntary recall as requested by the US Food and Drug Administration, the FDA has issued a mandatory recall for food products contaminated with salmonella, marking the first time the agency has taken this action.

The Unintended Consequences of Food Processing

Many additives used in food processing have benefits in terms of improving food safety, availability, and nutrient density, but there are also potential harms. 

Fish, Mercury, and Pregnancy: What to Tell Patients (podcast)

Is methylmercury a concern? Have your pregnant patients asked about eating fish and the dangers of mercury? Which fish should they avoid? Listen now for 4 tips on fish and mercury to suggest to patients.

Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)

New yearly estimates on foodborne illness in the United States (US) total 47.8 million cases of foodborne illnesses.

Toxins in Fruits and Vegetables

Health experts and environmentalists are 100% behind the push to consume more parts of the fruits and vegetables that we purchase, such as broccoli stems, celery leaves, and kiwi peels. However, there are some times when parts of a plant could be dangerous to your health...

Glyphosate: What You Need to Know

Glyphosate, which is the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup® and sprayed on genetically modified organism (GMO) crops, is a non-selective herbicide used to kill broadleaf plants and grasses and in sodium salt form, is used to regulate plant growth and to hasten the...

Kitchen Cleanliness: Keep Your Family Safe

Is your kitchen safe for you and your family? Read this information to make sure. Wash your hands Most kitchen germs are spread around by hands that have been in contact with contaminated foods and surfaces. Make sure everyone washes their hands thoroughly, with warm, soapy...