Dark, Leafy Greens: Great Ways to Prepare Them

Eating more kale, or any dark, leafy greens can help to reduce your risk of chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

Understanding Beef Labeling

Meat definitions can be tricky to understand. Many people are confused about which cuts of beef are the most healthful or which to use in their recipes. The following information will help you and your patients choose your meat with confidence. 

5 Canned Foods You Cannot Live Without

Here are 5 canned staples you should always have on your shelves, why you should stock them, and how you can turn them into a fabulous and healthy meal.

Easy Ways to Eat More Vegetarian Meals

These suggestions may give you some new ideas for making vegetarian meals.

Creative Solutions to Adaptive Cooking

Creativity and patience play a large part in teaching people with physical or mental disabilities about adaptive cooking techniques. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are 56.7 million people in America who are considered disabled, which is...

Canned Pears Buying Guide (Infographic)

Click here to download the document

Nine Tips to Increase Nutrition and Flavor in Meals

Encourage your clients to better health, including lower risk of chronic disease, with these nine tips to increase the nutrition and flavor in recipes and meals:

Foods That Appear Healthful, But Really Are Not

Food manufacturers often do an excellent job of marketing their products so that consumers believe they offer health benefits that are barely-there, or even non-existent. Are you falling for and eating these “health food impostors”?