Dying of a Broken Heart

Broken heart syndrome is a real condition, also known as stress cardiomyopathy. People with this condition develop rapid and severe heart muscle weakness following intense emotional or physical stress. Grief, fear, extreme anger, and surprise can all lead to development of...

Behavior Modification Techniques for Registered Dietitians and Registered Dietitian Nutritionists

Behavior modification strives to replace negative behaviors with positive behaviors or to develop entirely new behaviors.   Basic principles of behavior modification Classical conditioning (Ivan Pavlov) Environmental conditions reliably trigger certain behavior(s).  

Clients With the "All-or-Nothing" Mind-set: How to Help

The following messages may help you when dealing with clients who have an “all-or-nothing” mind-set. Intake over time All foods can fit into a healthful diet, but “can” is the important word here. It all depends on what the food intake looks like during an extended period...

Diets: Healthy vs Taking It Too Far

  Healthy Weight Loss Taking It Too Far You measure your food, whenever you can, until you get a sense of proper portion sizes. You refuse to eat anything that was not measured or weighed, even during special events or when at other people’s homes.

Stress Management

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Difficult Patients: How to Cope With Them

The “difficult patient” is defined as one who impedes the clinician’s ability to establish a therapeutic relationship. Another source defines this individual as one who does not assume the patient role as expected by the health care professional, maybe having beliefs,...

Culture Change – Building a Plan

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Exercise Addiction

Exercise addiction occurs when individuals lose perspective of the purpose of exercise and become obsessed with it, to the exclusion of other activities that they used to enjoy. They often pass up a chance to socialize with others, to sleep, and sometimes to work, just so...