Eating Disorder Recovery

While eating disorders are a mental illness, many physical manifestations of the disease exist. This patient handout guides the patient with advice on how to tell if they are improving.

Stress and Diabetes: Tips for Managing Glucose

Stress alters blood glucose levels in people with diabetes, which makes stress management difficult. Too much long-term stress can become detrimental to your well-being, especially for an individual with diabetes. For tips to combat this, read more. 

Stress Reduction for Food and Nutrition Professionals

Stress is a part of daily life for many individuals. However, it is important to manage stress since stress can have an impact on an individual's overall health. Here are some tips to help you manage. 

Beyond Emotional Eating

People might reach for sugary foods when they are psychologically or emotionally stressed for physical reasons, rather than or in addition to the emotional reasons that researchers have assumed.

Apps for Eating Disorder Recovery and Mindfulness

It takes a large treatment team and a wide array of support to help yourself or a loved one with an eating disorder (ED). Fortunately, in today’s tech savvy world, there are also plenty of mobile applications that have been developed to join in on the fight against an ED....

HALT Principle

Have you ever heard of the HALT principle? HALT stands for hungry, angry, lonely, and tired. This acronym is frequently used in mental health and recovery-oriented fields. These feelings or conditions leave you most vulnerable to negative circumstances such as relapse or...

Depression/Anxiety and Nutrition: Good Food for a Good Mood

Good nutrition provides the foundation for a good mood, and is an important complement to medication and behavioral therapy in the treatment of depression. 

Stress: Crazy Busy No More

Do you ever wonder why the workaholic is an admired addict, when other addictions are scorned? Jimmy Buffett’s song asks, “What if the hokey pokey is what it’s all about?” “Stressed is desserts spelled backward.”—Brian Luck Seaward This article will provide information to...