Dietary Department Schedule

Dietary Department Schedule

Response Cards for Meals

This template can be used in a long-term care setting or skilled nursing facility to increase patient satisfaction through meal selection. These can be printed on 3-section perforated paper and placed in a stack with tray cards during the tray line. They can be collected...

Tips for Managing Food Service Inventory

Managing inventory for a foodservice operation is essential to reduce waste, eliminate over purchasing, ensure freshness and food safety, and reduce overall costs. Here are some inventory basics.

Food Productivity Chart (daily)

Date: _________________  Meal: _________________   Meal Component/ Food Item Recipe # or  Ingredients Used in Preparation Total Prepared (pounds, cans, pieces, etc) Substitution Used for Food Shortage (if applicable)

Kitchen/Food Service Observation CMS Form 20055

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Weekly Cleaning Schedule

Week of ______________  Task Date/ Initials Date/ Initials Date/ Initials Date/ Initials Date/ Initials