Food Preparation

Virtually Stocking your Refrigerator

January 11, 2017   /
Stacia Helfand, MEd, RD, CDN

The online grocery shopping trend is gaining steam in full force. A good majority of big chain supermarkets are competing in urban areas for our business. There are apps, coupons, deals, and discounts just begging to stock our refrigerators and pantries. Foodies may not be as keen to embrace this convenience — we dietitians like to smell our own melons, see where our lettuce is coming from, and look for new ideas to share with our clients — but our community can benefit greatly from the services out there. An elderly client can avoid the problems of heavy bags and navigating bad weather. Busy families who find it difficult to get to the market can schedule a delivery window that works when someone is home with a napping infant. And dietitians can use virtual grocery stores to help educate their clients to execute their advice! You no longer need to physically walk your clients up and down supermarket aisles to show them brand names and foods you want them to incorporate. While nothing tops a trip to the farmer’s market, don’t write this trend off. It has its place in our “future is now” world.