Food Trends

Sweet Beans

March 20, 2017   /
Stacia Helfand, MEd, RD, CDN

Chickpea brownies, anyone? Or perhaps some black bean fudge? How does a cannellini bean blondie sound? Or an adzuki bean cheesecake? Storming into the dessert scene are—of all things—beans. Full of fiber and good for the heart, legumes are finding a place on dessert tables across the country. Surprisingly flavorless when paired with sweet ingredients, beans help to eliminate the need for flour or grains, offering gluten avoiders a healthful alternative. Recipes call for puréed, super-soft beans, which contribute to a dense texture and a satisfying sink-your-teeth-in experience. Even if you’re wary of this trend, give it a shot. You’ll be surprised how delicious this surprise ingredient can be. Remember to rinse canned beans very well, as the added saltiness can detract from the effect you’re going for in this sweet treat.