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Study Guide Comparison for the Commission on Dietetic Registration Exam

January 11, 2017   /
Alex Lewis, RD, LD

Studying for the Commission on Dietetic Registration Exam is difficult enough, but at times, finding the right study materials to fit your learning style can seem even harder. When choosing a review program or programs, consider how you learn best. Is it from a physical book? Lecture format? Online software or e-books? Flashcards? Games? There seems to be an RD/RDN study guide to fit every learning style. Below is an extensive list of the available study and review materials for the exam, listed in alphabetical order. Explore their websites further to find and purchase the best fit. 

Breeding & Associates RD Review
Includes: Breeding & Associates have many products available for the aspiring RD/RDN, including a 3-day workshop, study manual, flash cards, and online practice exams.
Cost: 3-day workshop: $499.99
         Study manual: $250.00
         Flash cards: $100.00
         1-month online exam access: $30.00

Commission on Dietetic Registration Study Guide for Registration Examination for Dietitians
Includes: This is the 9th edition of the study guide, which includes a comprehensive study outline, references, study tips, and a 125-question practice exam. The 125-question exam is available in print and can also be accessed online in a format similar to the real exam. 
Cost: $65.00
Includes: This program can be purchased online and begun immediately. The program is housed online through the website listed below; therefore, an Internet connection is required to study. The program is broken down into 45 modules, with the idea that quick “bursts” of learning are most effective. The program suggests studying for 1 hour a day for 3-months. 
Cost: $300.00

Exam Edge RD Prep
Includes: This program offers an online testing format consisting of 20 practice tests with 100 questions per test. After completing the test, the software provides detailed explanations about any questions missed. 
Cost: $139.00

Hess & Hunt’s Review of Dietetics: Manual for the Registered Dietitian Exam, 2014-2015 Edition
Includes: This 511-page manual compiles and provides essential information on all four domains of the CDR exam. Hess & Hunt’s Review has been successfully utilized by over 10 000 students according to their website. 
Cost: $150.00

Inman Review
Includes: The Inman Review has been around for over 25 years and is offered as a live seminar or pre-recorded on 7 CDs. No matter the format, an extensive study guide is included with purchase, along with over 1 000 practice questions. 
Cost: $385.00

Mometrix Test Preparation RD Exam Flashcard Study System & Dietitian Exam Secrets Study Guide
Includes: Mometrix’s materials include over 1 000 perforated flashcards (on cardstock), practice tests, and a book dedicated to providing an aspiring RD/RDN with secrets to passing the exam. 
Cost: $69.99 & $39.99
Website: and

RD in a Flash Flashcards
Includes: 630 flashcards, categorized by domain. These flashcards are made from durable cardstock for quick, on-the-go learning. 
Cost: $125.20
Includes: This online-based program contains video tutorials, a personal RD tutor, and over 1 700 practice questions. 
Cost: $199.99 for a 3-month subscription

Visual Veggies Software
Includes: Over 700 practice questions bundled into a computer software program that closely simulates the RD exam. There is also a mobile phone application that can be purchased for ultimate studying on-the-go. 
Cost: $179.99


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