Food Trends

Still Waiting for Square Watermelon

July 25, 2018   /
Stacia Helfand, MEd, RD, CDN

Following food trends is more than a hobby for the impassioned foodies at Nutrition411. It’s an obsession. For years, we’ve been excited to tell our readers to brace themselves because square watermelons are coming. Unfortunately, it has been years and years of following the square watermelon trend without spying a single one in the states. Originally they were imagined with the goal of making shipping and transporting them easier. Baby watermelons are placed in square metal cages and grow in the cuboid shape until they reach the maximum size. Then they are released and sold. The trouble is that Mother Nature does not like to be tinkered with and the melons refuse to ripen, they’re inedible. They are sold in Japan as solely ornamental. It seems we will not be toting our favorite picnic treat in perfectly sized Tupperware anytime soon, but keep your eyes open. We remain optimistic that this trend will one day fully ripen, and be non-GMO available to all. In the meantime, try growing your own square watermelons!