Motivational Interviewing Workshop: Counseling Dialogue for Moving Toward Change

February 23, 2017   /
Skelly Skills

This Live Webinar Has Now Ended--you can view the slide deck here: 


Learn from MI experts while developing counseling dialogue for nutrition and fitness topics. Practice and skill-build appropriate MI dialogue for common counseling situations around ambivalence, partnership and avoiding the Righting Reflex.

Faculty: Dawn Clifford, PhD, RD, and Laura Curtis, MS, RD, authors of Motivational Interviewing in Nutrition and Fitness

Cost: FREE

CPEU/CEU: no longer available

Learning Objectives:

Upon viewing this webinar, learners will be able to:

  1. Define what MI is, and the goal of using it 
  2. State two neurobiological reasons why change is difficult 
  3. List three counseling considerations for eliciting ambivalence and change talk 
  4. Develop MI counseling dialogue for dealing with ambivalence 
  5. List three ways to counsel with an MI partnership in mind 
  6. Develop MI counseling dialogue that promotes a partnership 
  7. Define the Righting Reflex 
  8. Develop MI counseling dialogue that resists the Righting Reflex