Food Trends


October 12, 2018   /


Usually we do not spend too much time following the alcohol trends, unless there is something really noteworthy. You can make your own decisions about Frose and Moscow Mules. We all heed the well-researched recommendations and keep up to date on the benefits and potential harms of drinking in moderation, as well as customize our counseling based on each patient’s case. Still, we know those abstainers who struggle with what to do at a professional gathering or wedding when everyone is holding a libation. It doesn’t feel wonderful to order a seltzer with lime when everyone else’s drink comes shaken and stirred. Enter the new and fantastic mixology world of mocktails. Trending fiercely are fancy nonalcoholic drinks that are hydrating, refreshing and indulgent, sans the buzz. Bartenders are having a field day concocting virgin mojitos, rosemary lemonades, and coconut mocktinis. Your patients can feel indulgent and included in the fancy adult world of the bar scene while staying on the wagon. Spend some time looking them up, so you can make top recommendations that work for your patients. Cheers!