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Interstitium – a Newly Discovered Organ?

November 16, 2018   /

The bells and whistles are constantly going off as we learn more and more about nutrition nuances. First there were macronutrients. Understanding carbs, fats, proteins, and alcohols were foundational. Then came vitamins and minerals, followed by fairly newer discoveries such as phytonutrients and, more recently, antioxidants. Well, it has been a long time since we discovered something new in biology, but scientists are asking us to consider if there is more to what we thought we knew. They have discovered a new organ system in the human body. Researchers recently proposed the idea that the interstitium, once believed to be dense collagen, are actually fluid-filled tunnels inside the collagen that are found in connective tissue all over the body. They work like networks or channels and are only visible through new technology in microscopic imaging. This is particularly relevant to dietitians, as large portions of interstitum line the GI tract and there is interesting potential in cancer connections. Heads up, you may be hearing more and more about this dynamic new organ, so read up!