Food Trends

I’ll Take a Draught of the Fizzy Green Stuff

June 19, 2017   /
Stacia Helfand, MEd, RD, CDN

There will always be a stool at the bar in the local watering hole kept warm for those who need a little respite from the weariness of the daily grind. If you’re passing on the beer because it’s a little hard on your waistline or digestion, you may not be out of luck in the pub. Juice bars, restaurants, and pub owners are paying attention to how much we’re focusing on gut flora these days, and restaurateurs want in on the action. Kombucha is popping up on beer draught lines from coast to coast. Kombucha is made by fermenting sweet tea with bacteria and yeast to create a fizzy, alive, probiotic-rich tonic that can be flavored with fruit and varying tea leaves. Low in calories and rich in probiotics, kombucha is linked to digestive wellness, increased energy, immune health, weight loss, and cancer prevention. While it may take practice to love your fermented suds, remember that beer was an acquired taste, too. Cheers.