Career Development

Finding a Career Coach

January 11, 2017   /
Crystal Petrello, MS, RDN, LD

What is a coach?

Coaching is solution-oriented. A career coach will support and guide a client to make informed decisions about their career plans and goals. A coach will help learn more about yourself and the future of your career. This can include gaining more education about the educational and occupational path of your goals. They can help you cope and manage anxiety during career challenges and changes. 

Benefits of hiring a coach

  • Help you find clarity in your career goals.
  • Aid you in mapping out your path and goals toward your destination
  • A career coach can often help you find a job quicker through more efficient job searches.
  • Help you stay on track to your career goals even during times of life's ups and downs. 
  • Help you build confidence to negotiate/ask for better pay

What education and certifications should a coach hold?
Finding a good fit with a coach with whom you get along is just as important as a coach’s credentials. Review each potential coach’s website closely and take advantage of consultations. Many coaches offer a free consultation to learn how they will work with you and to assess if they are a good match for you. There are no mandated certifications for coaches. Make sure to check out their education and certifications that are available for coaches, such as International Coaches Federation (ICF). See more certifications at the website Certified Career Coaches. 

Where to find a coach?

How much does a career coach cost?
Rates vary from around $50 to $300 per hour. The coach-client relationship can last anywhere from 6 months to a year. 

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