Food Trends

2018 Top Food Trends

June 19, 2018   /


Artisanal Chipping
Could it be possible that the snack bag options are catching up with the inexhaustible beverage choices? As if the aisle of pretzels, popcorn, chips and tortillas weren’t bountiful, flavorful and indulgent enough. Popped cassava, parsnip chips, chickpea chips, and just about any vegetable you can think of are riding the deflated steam of the pioneering kale chip. Read more

Drinking Vinegars
Many registered dietitian nutritionists often discuss the health benefits of apple cider vinegar and vinegars in general. Science supports our recommendations of adding some apple cider vinegar to our daily routine, either as a shot or diluted with water. Benefits range from improved blood sugar control to reducing stomach acid associated with reflux. Vinegars are also know for fighting inflammation and improving gut flora since it is fermented. Read more

Omega Fatty Acids 
You can expect to hear more about the benefits of omega-9 fatty acids in the news. They are non-essential, and our bodies can synthesize them on their own, so they will likely not become as popular a trend as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which are thriving in the supplement world. Still, current research is touting the importance and benefits of having omega-9’s in the diet as findings are beneficial for cardiovascular disease and stroke, energy and mood, and Alzheimers disease. Read more

Air Fryers
As if we need another thing to clutter our countertops! You already have your K-cup machine, the blender, the seltzer maker, the toaster, and the mixer. If you’ve got the space, the budget, and a passion for deep fried foods, an air fryer is absolutely worth the investment. Air fryers take up about as much space as your standard mixer, and run a few hundred dollars, but they require 70% to 75% less oil to make your favorite fried food recipe. Read more