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2018 Summer Food Trends

July 25, 2018   /



Grab ‘n Go Cups
It doesn’t seem so long ago that Cup Noodles seemed like a revelation. Just add boiling water to the line, wait a handful of minutes, and viola! Lunch is served in dorm rooms across America. We found a cheap, easy, brilliant and convenient delivery of calories, salt, and chemical energy for the budget watching, the culinary impaired and the hungry. Read more


Drinking Vinegars
Many registered dietitian nutritionists often discuss the health benefits of apple cider vinegar and vinegars in general. Science supports our recommendations of adding some apple cider vinegar to our daily routine, either as a shot or diluted with water. Benefits range from improved blood sugar control to reducing stomach acid associated with reflux. Vinegars are also know for fighting inflammation and improving gut flora since it is fermented. Read more


Air Fryers
As if we need another thing to clutter our countertops! You already have your K-cup machine, the blender, the seltzer maker, the toaster, and the mixer. If you’ve got the space, the budget, and a passion for deep fried foods, an air fryer is absolutely worth the investment. Air fryers take up about as much space as your standard mixer, and run a few hundred dollars, but they require 70% to 75% less oil to make your favorite fried food recipe. Read more


Still Waiting for Square Watermelon
Following food trends is more than a hobby for the impassioned foodies at Nutrition411. It’s an obsession. For years, we’ve been excited to tell our readers to brace themselves because square watermelons are coming. Unfortunately, it has been years and years of following the square watermelon trend without spying a single one in the states. Read more